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Inspiration - [Bruce Pennington]

Bruce Pennington

Bruce Pennington is a British painter, perhaps best known for his science fiction and fantasy novel cover art. Pennington's works have largely featured on the covers of novels of Isaac Asimov, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert A. Heinlein, adopting both science fiction and fantastical themes.

*The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors and to those who have assigned them. The only objective of this site is to spread and share their works.

Black and White Prints - [Society6]

Framed Art Prints & Prints are available through Society6.

Eco-friendly and minimalistic—kind of like a tiny house. The conservation framed art print, sourced from socially and environmentally responsible forests, provides a natural warmth to complement your favorite design. Framed prints available in six sizes, in a walnut, pecan or natural frame color.

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New - [Tumbler]

RedbbubleSociety6 and FAA I know I've only uploaded some on the blog. I'm updating my stores more than here, so please check out over there first. Check those out and hopefully something catches your eyes. Any and all support is greatly appreciated! You may follow my instagram or the newly created tumblr.